Wednesday, 31 December 2008

Photo album

I made this photo album for my son as he misses his wife so much, so now he can't stop looking at it when he is home!

It's made out of thick cardboard and joined with some thick beading wire.

I didn't have many photos of her, only the one where she is about 16, and about the time they met.

Any way, he is happy now, at least for a while :)

Sunday, 28 December 2008


Well, I feel totally unqualified for posting on here, but here goes...I needed a scarf for the winter so decided to get knitting, something which I haven't done for years and years. I got the chunkiest wool I could find, and some really fat needles (15mm I think). First attempt I did 30 stitches but it was way too wide, so I unravelled it and started again with 20 stitches, which is just right for me although others might prefer it a bit narrower still. The pattern is knit a row, then knit 1 purl 1 the next row, and just carry on alternating like that. It turns out looking vaguely like a stocking stitch on one side and a moss stitch on the other. I used 3 balls of wool, just knitting until I'd used one ball up, and then starting a new one - turned out just the right length.

Saturday, 27 December 2008


Remember this?  I knitted a rectangle and just folded it over and sewed it up.  Handle made with a knitting fork.


Christmas tree decorations... again just leftovers :0)  These are presents for my Aunties :0)

Friday, 26 December 2008


Felt leaf and gold thread.  Made from leftovers ;0)

Sunday, 21 December 2008

Crochet candles

Three crochet candles which nana knocked out before her breakfast yesterday for some visiting children. She's an absolute whizz with the crochet hook! I've a long long way to go before I catch up with her *grin*.
Incidentally, I had a phone call yesterday from the lady who commissioned the brooch I posted about a week or so ago. She loves it and assured me she will be wearing it Christmas day. I'm so relieved she likes it.

Saturday, 20 December 2008

Some cosy goodies

Hiya ladies, because I've finished my first arm warmer and I'm half way down my second one, I tried knitting both on the needle together row by row but just got in a tangle. So anyway I thought I'd look us up some free patterns seeing as we like arm warmers here's a few.

arm warmers at Cider Moon 

Here are some Arctic grade armwarmers from Miss Allen Knitting that are designed to wear over gloves.
Pretty wrist warmers at learn to knit dot com
At Black Purl Magazine some beaded wrist warmers - could be very nice I think, I'll have to work on this one , purple wool and purple beads I reckon ;-)
and here are some with buttons at Crystal Pattern Yarns.
there are a lot more free patterns here at knitting pattern central gloves and mittens

managed to take a pic of mine ,  a bit blurry - I'm struggling with our new camera, well we've had it a good while now but I'm still bodging it.
Finished the left one and nearly there on the right one, Naomi wants a pair next.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

omg look at the christmas countdown - eek ten days and counting - how come i feel less ready with every day?

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Feeling blue...

very quickly made these this evening, not perfect, stitching very ropey, made form what was around.

old jeans, red craft felt, sequins/beads (spares from an embroidered blouse) bits of embroidery thread.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Clay baby

My first time at trying clay. I wanted to buy some polymer clay which you are supposed to use but couln't find it so i had to use some normal clay.
Now i realise that the baby has a dot on its head :) my children said it looks indian!It was a girl at first but then i decided to put a lump down there to see how it looks and left it as it is, not sure if it is right :-*)
Don't look too close, you will see many mistakes and after all i am not a professional! :))
The pictures are all blurry and anyway the pictures don't do it justice.

Arm warmers

This is my second completed knitting project, very simple but I'm quite pleased with them (as is my daughter). I'm now working on some red and black ones for me.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

What do you think?

This is a brooch that someone has specially commissioned but I'm just not happy with it...wondering whether to pull it all out and start over. What do you crafty ladies of impeccable taste think?

It is essential that it is bright with dangles and some (minimal) beading - that's part of the brief *grin*. Wondering if two dangles is a dangle too much. Or perhaps it needs some other kind of additional dangle so that it doesn't look quite so much like a pair of eyes hanging down?

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Hand Warmers

I was looking for a pattern for hand warmers and I happened on another lovely blog creativeyarn the owner kindly is sharing lots of free simple patterns, I really like her work.

Recycling cardigans

Here is my try at recycling cardigans :) I found out about recycling wool on Sam's blog there are instructions for it here On Purple goldfish . I undid the seams and got unravelling, it takes longer to undo the seams than I imagined but I'm really pleased with how it's gone. There are 9 balls of dark pink and so far 2 balls of lighter pink.
The wool has turned out thinker than I thought it would, almost like aran . . . . if anyone has any idea what size needle I should use I'd appreciate some advice. SO out of two of Naomi's cardigans that are too small I'm hoping to knit one that will fit.
It remindedme of winding wool with my nanna when i was a young girl (longer ago than I care to remember )
Oh and this next pic here is a square from the quilt I'm making. It's a square I did in brioche stitch, after much time battling with it I don't like the feel of it so I've already undone it and gone back to k2, p2.

Friday, 5 December 2008

Salt dough

I have just finished these two yesterday.

So here is my first project on salt dough. I have never done this in my life so i must say that i am quite proud of myself :)For ladies who don't quite see what it is, it is supposed to be a man and a ladies hat! And no the hat doesn't fit on the little man's head, that's what my son thought ;-)
I had to buy some varnish for acrylic paint which was really expensive! but i suppose i'll have it next time for some more dough.The man lost his nose after i got it out of the oven and i dont know why i made such big holes for the mouth and the eyes as well.... oh well!
I was thinking of sticking some beads for the eyes and may be make a smoking pipe to cover his mouth, but i'll do that later may be.A college friend from France sent me the details how to do it and voila!

webby thing

The kids and I made this in the Autumn. Sticks, wool, twine and beads

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

winter scarves

Just a little something I found:

Might even do one or two myself, though I must admit we do have scarves aplenty already.

Tuesday, 2 December 2008


Hi again, was just searching for this dalek pattern for a friend (its way beyond my talents) and thought it might be of interest here. My brother's partner made one for my nephew and he was seriously impressed (big Dr Who fan). You can download the pattern from here . I have to say - I find the idea of a cuddly dalek very weird!

Monday, 1 December 2008

Free Knitting patterns

Just found a good website page full of free knitting patterns HERE

and a blog ring full of knitters :-) Knitting blogs

Sunday, 30 November 2008


I'm Kara and a new member - I'm definately not as talented as some others here, so please don't laugh!! My daughter is very into art and craft stuff, and is very creative, so I'm learning a lot through her, but I'm enjoying it all too.

Every year before Christmas we have a simple craft project on the go to produce little gifts to send to friends and family, as we cant afford to buy presents for everyone we'd like to (and I think hand-made gifts are nicer anyway). This is what we're doing this year: hanging felt bells, with a chocolate coin in each.

I have just learnt to knit (hooray!!) and this is my first finished piece - a dishcloth (how much more exciting can life get?!). I'm now working on some stripy armwarmers, a bit more interesting it has to be said, but I have to call on my Mum everytime something goes wrong, which gets a bit frustrating. Anyone know of any troubleshooting manuals/websites for rubbish knitters?

Friday, 28 November 2008

Fleece hoodie

Remember I wanted to make a soft hoodie for my youngest? Well, I bought a fleece throw for £5, from Home Bargains

drew around a zip up one he has, cut out the pattern pieces and went for it.

Here he was trying it on so that I could get the sleeve length right, which I have now done, and it needs a quick wash and tumble to get the creases out (should have done that before I started but I was keen to get cracking, and it shouldn't shrink, being acrylic).

I offered him a front pocket, but he didn't want one.

It was so easy to sew, as it doesn't need the seams finishing off, and is incredibly soft and light. I'm really pleased with it, and will be looking out for more fabric. And I think I fancy one for me. (not a matching one, I'm not that cruel, lol)

Thursday, 27 November 2008

Another knitting blog

I had and interested look at Knit Stitch Click another knitting blog, it's interesting to have a look about the knitting blogs there are so many nice ones. The colour of this one caught my eye you know I love purple.

As to my knitting how am I getting on? Well I've mastered the art of brioche stitch, it's really quite easy when you get the hang of it, it does however make a lightweight sort of a feel fabric when it's knitted and its a bit too lofty for my quilt I think, so having made three quarters of a square I am going to undo it again and return to my knit 2 purl 2 squares . . . . . I've rather missed the rhythm of it as i'm watching the tv or surfing.

I will put some more pics on when i can find the lead that links my camera to my laptop - i'm so good at losing things *doh frown.

Saturday, 22 November 2008

Heres one I made earlier....

This is my first knitting project - I know its sideways, not sure how that happened! - its a very small bag knitted on wooden needles, handle made with wooden knitting fork, wooden beads just because I like them! Its my going out without children bag ;0)


Hello, thought I'd better post something, just been shopping at a lovley local textile shop and came back with the above... chunky wooden needles, soft grafetti wool and at the back sort ribbon-y stuff. I'm thinking about knitting a scarf (ribbon-y stuff) and bag with the wool. Now its in text I'll have to do it ;0)

Brioche Stitch

I'm kind of worn out now doing K2, P2 squares for my quilt so now I've decided to do some squares in Brioche Stitch - watching Nigella's yummy recipies it seemed rather apt.

After much mulling and head scratching I think I now have it - but i'll let you know.

Here's the HOW of plain Brioche (not as tasty as the chocolate chip version)

and this is a dandy you tube clip of it.

I'll let you know how it gets on :)

Thursday, 20 November 2008


A bauble i made with some left over papers.

You have to cut 20, 2 in. circles. Score a triangle in the centre of each then glue the raised semi-circles together. If you mix papers it looks effective.

The paper i used has glitter on it but because the camera is not good, you can't see it, but it's really pretty.

You are supposed to put a bell on the ribbon and on top but as i didn't have any, i've just placed a big bead and smaller ones over it.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

If you'd like to link to our crafty blog

If you'd like a button to link to our 'A Crafty Blog' then just copy this code

and paste it where you'd like your link button to be ;-)

This is what your button link will look like :

hey and i'm amazed I got the text box thingy to work - took me ages lol

New mirror

And here it is, the mirror for one pound from the charity shop!

When i opened it ( because it was still wrapped) i realised it was from IKEA.

It was lovely working with wood, the lovely smell....

We started quite well and then towards the end where the papers meet, we realised we didn't plan properly as we had to put the same colour next to each other, but it doesn't show much.

And then Sarah wanted to write with a black pen around every piece of papers , so i said why not!

I am not sure i like it this way, but it's hanging in her room now, so i won't see it :)

We had our hands full of glue and spent quite a while to scrub it :)

I even stucked some sort of jewellery on the top left side, it's not very clear on the picture.

A bit of knitting

have been knitting, honest! Here are a couple of pics (I’ve also finished some mittens and felted a horse’s head, but I’ll get to that later).

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Preparing for Christmas...already.

I love crafting for Christmas, but we always seem to run out of time. So this year, we decided to get going a little bit earlier. Well, OK, a lot earlier, lol.
So far, it seems to involve lots of glitter *shriek* Everything sparkles now, and we've only just begun.
I bought a cheap pack of plain plastic baubles, and the boys have been painting, gluing and glittering. They look great, hung up to dry on the back of a chair, so we're going to get more to decorate the house, as well as the tree.
Buzz (eldest) has also been glittering some sticks, to make a glitter tree decoration. We'll need some oasis to stand the sticks in. He was also busy cutting snowflakes, while Squirt (youngest) was busy making firework pictures.
Meanwhile, I have been working on presents for friends and family. I finally finished some knitted booties for a tiny newborn baby, I've finished another crochet curly wurly scarf and I've started on another crochet shrug.
Unfortunately, my camera is out of action, so I have no pictures to share. Hopefully soon.

Spinning mostly.

Here are two skeins of wool that I've spun recently. One is a Leicester (spun in the grease) plied with a dark lime green hemp thread ... and I've spun it for Bexi because they are the colours she uses a lot in her work (Which you can see at Sawdust and Diamonds linked at my blog: Happy at Home) and she gets through a lot of wool in her everyday creative stuff. She is studying creative arts/textiles at Bath Spa right now. I'm going to leave the top skein undyed.
The second is plied with a darker green cotton thread and I may well dye it, but haven't decided whether to dye it rainbow style, a plain colour or stripy.

I crocheted some hats for the littles (they are in the wardrobe for Xmas and the kiddies are asleep in there ... photos to follow). They have a nice sort of 1920s style cut to them. Lani's is made from some wool I spun, plied with that green hemp again. The fleece I spun was a beautiful petrol blue. At some point I ran out of petrol blue and had a lovely purple roving that went really well with the petrol blue. So the hat suddenly begins to turn purple near the bottom back edge.
Freya's is red by request. I took some red wool that I already had and plied it to make it more interesting (that green hemp again ... Bexi got it in Harrogate at a textiles fair and it has come in very handy! I'd been wondering what to do with such thin stuff.)
Miyuki's is multicoloured greens and blues, knit from some wool I bought at the Threshing Barn in Staffs. Cool place and they do mail order. I also bought my recent fleece in the grease there for £5 but it is a bit inclined to break part way down the staple so may be they sheered after lambing rather than before? Anyway, it seems to be doing the job. I've also improved my carding technique recently, by reading a bit. Just before that I'd been laughing quietly that I'd seen a whole book dedicated to carding wool! I'm not scoffing so loudly now.

Here are some things Lani has been up to: she has learned to crochet this month and is busy constructing a trouser suit for one of her dolls to match the hat she already made for it. She has worked out how to increase and decrease and use them to get round corners like over the top of feet. She is happily crocheting tubes and connecting them all up. She is actually working with the work on the doll so that she gets it shaped perfectly to fit. Ingenious.

She has also been trying some basic weaving again ... I'm going to get some old metal knitting needles and use them as side struts for the warp so that she weaves around the struts too. This helps (I'm told) to keep the weaving from taking on that hour glass figure! It is looking very neat otherwise. This is a little loom we got really cheaply on Ebay. It has a clever little heddle system.

I also made Mialani a drop spindle for xmas. For the whorl I used a circular piece of wood scavenged from the broken wooden toy bag that I found in the basement. I then used a nice wooden knitting needle for the spindle part. Glued together ... heh presto. It looks beautiful!
Not so beautiful is the one that I made out of a bamboo cane and two free CDs advertising something from Sainsbury! However, Lani is finding it very functional.
(Pictures to follow again).

Then there are "woollies" and corn dollies, felt balls, felt pictures and felt animals on pipe cleaner skeletons, ongoing knitting projects, and dying experiments.

We have a great discount store over the road where they sell blank cards and envelopes at very silly prices, so maybe tomorrow's crafty stuff will be to begin the xmas cards we always make. This year I'm going to get round to sending them too! No really

Monday, 17 November 2008


The wooden one was made a few weeks ago and i forgot about it until yesterday when i decided to make the blue one!
The wooden one is made with some beads i bought a long time ago, i cant even remember their name otherwise the rest come from other necklaces that i pulled apart.
The blue one is more expensive, they are turquoise that my niece gave me a while back but didn't have the courage to make until now.
The heart is one of several i bought on ebay quite a while ago.
I've passed a metal thread in the hole and twisted it around to make it secure.
I started it yesterday and finished it this morning.

Sunday, 16 November 2008


Hello everyone
V's lovely cardi reminded me to take a photo of my knitting in progress; I really want to finish this before Christmas, it's been on the go for nearly 3 years. I've just the sleeves to finish and the hood to do, and then there'll be the frightful task of putting in a zip.

While I'm here, I wanted to share a site I found today, it didn't have what I was looking for but it has a ton of other great projects.

Handcraft in a hectic world

What I was really looking for, and I think I'm going to have to make it up, lol, is a pattern for a hooded sweatshirt for R (12). The boys clothes out there are all so drab, and he really likes his bright colours. Plus, the ones he has had passed down from his older brother are so heavy and hard to wash and dry, being made from such heavy cotton. Didn't bother me 10 yrs ago, but now I'm trying not to use the dryer if I can help it, and they smell musty before they ever get properly dry. So... I thought I'd make some bright light acrylic fleecy ones. I think I'll just have to draw round one and wing it. Even if I can't get the bright fabric by the metre, I've seen some lovely fleece blankies which should be big enough. Bonus is that you don't have to finish the seams, as it doesn't fray.
Will let you know how I get on.

A card for my old boss

This card is for my old boss who is in france and who i haven't seen for over 22 years but we keep in contact.
As i didn't have any big cards, i decided to join two A5 cards; the front of the second card stuck to the back of the first one, then i placed my picture in the middle.
Decoration was made with different papers, like gypsies and funkitz and some papers i downloaded from the net.
The flower is made with some music sheet from the net that i printed on card and then stuck with a brad.
The music toppers are from Designatopper by Michele and Nancy.
The greeting topper comes free from a magazine.
The ribbons and buttons are mine.
And the picture is mine! :)
I didn't want to leave the second card blank so i decorated it as well with buttons and sticky ribbon and put some sort of greeting on it.
There is enough place inside for me to write something.


I am trying to knit a cardi at the moment using a really nice blue denim/white mix wool which I bought from ebay (job lot of 10 balls For £9.99). This is a pic of the back.
It should end up like this> I am doing the left side collar atm, which sort of folds over the back. I was a bit worried I would have to pick up stitches to do it (I really hate doing that) but you decrease at the armpit edge and increase at the collar edge and begin a ribbed pattern.
Its lovely to look at everyone's work, thanks Dawniy for starting the blog.