Thursday, 6 November 2008

2 purl 2 knit squares

This is the project I have on at the moment size 5mm circular needles ( only cos I prefer them) double knit wool, 60 stitches knit 2 purl 2 . The plan is to make a blanket. It's also helped me practice at getting my knitting more even and consistent. I'm doing turquoise, purple and shades of them.


  1. I love the colours D :0)

  2. not sure about my camera , the dark blue there is actually purple :-)

  3. ps I love your new profile pic :-)

  4. Ill show you my current project when Ive taken a pic. I love the idea of this blog. do like the blanket colours x

  5. Hmm, tempted to nick your project. Also nice to knit big squares and felt them. I may have to steal your idea. I'm also going to have a go at something called hotsocks. you knit enormous socks and shrink them (obviously needs to be a natural fibre that shrinks.)

  6. Hey Sally that'd be good for making slippers wouldn;t it?
    look forward to the pics V :-)

    hey i like this craft blog thing , it'll be good sharing. x

  7. I like the idea of making lots of squares to practice even knitting.
    Why didn't I think of that?
    I was *supposed* to be making a similar crochet-a-long blanket, but I didn't have enough yarn, and super-tight budget.
    Pay day today :-))


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