Thursday, 13 November 2008

Another box!

I have a thing for boxes.
Whenever i go out and if i find a box that i like, i have to buy it, unless it's too expensive. I normally go in charity shop.
But we made this one with Sarah yesterday.
With some A4 card.
I can't find the template but if anyone is interested i can find it. It's very easy.
I have just made a little modification in the way it is folded to make it stronger.
I think it's quite cute to offer as a present with sweets inside or anything.
I've put some toiletries inside with some lavender.
As usual the pictures don't make it clear! but believe me, it is cute :))
I want to keep it on my shelf but Sarah wants it for her so we agreed to keep it on the shelf and Sarah will use it when she needs it, so everyone is happy.


  1. I've got an idea, Patricia--make another one so that you and Sarah can each have one, and take pictures as you go so we can see and follow your directions.

    These are so beautiful and would make fun Christmas gifts. I can see even just giving all the ingredients to someone along with the directions so they can have the fun of putting their own together, if they are the craft loving sort.

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. It's very pretty - I can see why you both wanted it.

    So, are all your christmas presents beautifully boxed up? Or do you end up with the last minute frantic wrapping frenzy (like me)?

  3. hey what a nice thing for putting pressies in - some little gift boxes are sooo expensive.

  4. To Sam: i am ready well in advance, i like to be organized :))
    If i was doing it at the last minute i would panick!


Lovely to hear from you :)