Thursday, 20 November 2008


A bauble i made with some left over papers.

You have to cut 20, 2 in. circles. Score a triangle in the centre of each then glue the raised semi-circles together. If you mix papers it looks effective.

The paper i used has glitter on it but because the camera is not good, you can't see it, but it's really pretty.

You are supposed to put a bell on the ribbon and on top but as i didn't have any, i've just placed a big bead and smaller ones over it.


  1. what a lovely idea, naomi's frowning cos i can find some maths in there lol

  2. Well you tell me now, me the maths hater! :))
    I didn't see any maths there, was there any, where? lol

  3. i found this look >>>> a 20 faced polyhedron is called an
    icosahedron-the faces are equilateral triangles.

    and then it gets way beyond me into the stuff our connor is doing

    d xx

  4. We're making those, but out of old christmas cards. Buzz had seen one made out of paper plates, which was HUGE, but I drew the line at decorations we could actually hang up.

  5. this is so cute, i remember making these as a child, i forgot all about them! i will link to your post from my blog - thanks!

  6. Very pretty papers and such a cute idea! Love the beads.


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