Friday, 28 November 2008

Fleece hoodie

Remember I wanted to make a soft hoodie for my youngest? Well, I bought a fleece throw for £5, from Home Bargains

drew around a zip up one he has, cut out the pattern pieces and went for it.

Here he was trying it on so that I could get the sleeve length right, which I have now done, and it needs a quick wash and tumble to get the creases out (should have done that before I started but I was keen to get cracking, and it shouldn't shrink, being acrylic).

I offered him a front pocket, but he didn't want one.

It was so easy to sew, as it doesn't need the seams finishing off, and is incredibly soft and light. I'm really pleased with it, and will be looking out for more fabric. And I think I fancy one for me. (not a matching one, I'm not that cruel, lol)


  1. Oh I like that! Very clever!

  2. eleanor you're so clever (oops just realised Ananda said the same) but you are. I'd not know where to begin.

  3. What a really good idea and it looks great!
    I wish i could sew like that.

  4. It looks fabulous. I love the way the stripes work. Great idea to use a fleece blanket and copy a fleece you already have.


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