Monday, 10 November 2008

Friendship Bracelets

Hi everyone, I'm Eden, Bridget's daughter, and Christmas is coming up so I've been making some cool presents, this is for my best friend, Abi, our new friendship braclets.

You will need
Needle and Thread


1. Get three different colour pieces of ribbon and cut three of each all the same length.

2. Equal the ends and tie a knot.

3. Seperate the nine bits of ribbon into colours and plait all the ribbon at once together.

4. knot the end when you have finished plaiting.

5. Measure or estimate how long you need it to be and tie where you need to.

6. Left over ribbon unplait so they hang loose, cut the same length

7. Thead the needle (tip: same colour thread as the sequins looks better) and pull so both ends of threads are equal. Tie a french knot.

8.Thread on a sequin, bead , sequin, bead, so on, 6 and under. Start with a sequin and end with one too, so you will always have an extra sequin.

9.Push the needle though the big knot. Twist the thread around the beads and sequins three times

10. Knot the thread by pushing the needle though the knot and putting the thread over the needle and pulling tight. Do that three times. Cut carefully.



  1. What a great idea, Eden! Your direction are nice and clear and I think my daughter will love making some of these.

  2. Eden that's fantastic, thank you for posting the 'how to' they're lovely.

  3. These look great. Thanks for the tutorial.


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