Sunday, 9 November 2008

Hello from us

Evening All, my name's Bridget, I have been knitting since I was about five years old. I have five children, the oldest three knit, although Clark, child No. 3 prefers to crochet, something I'm not very good at, I can't seem to keep the sides straight.
Lately I've been knitting scarves for Christmas, I'm going to post some pictures in a bit. I'm not sure if you would like patterns on here. I won't put the pattern up of the jumper, far too long winded but the scarf is 28 sts and stockingstitch to the required length. I can't remember what wool it is as I knitted it a couple of weeks ago, but now I'll pay more attention and post it when I do future pictures.
A jumper that I knitted for Eden, my daughter.
Beware lots of scarf pictures coming up in the next post, we've been doing quite a lot of them.
My three eldest knitting!
eden knitting
Cal knitting
clark knitting
Last picture isn't that good, luckily I'm better at knitting than I am at taking photos!
Looking forward to getting lots of ideas and seeing some beautiful things here.


  1. I love the jumper, it's lovely.
    I wish i could knit like this!
    Pat x

  2. HIya Bridget , good to see you :-)
    I love the way your daughter has the scarf over her shoulder as she's knitting :-) look forward to even more pics then :-)
    We did scarves for Christmas last year - it took us ages , but we're a bit faster now.

  3. More scarves - excellent! I can do scarves, so far anyway, lol.

    Love the jumper, and the pictures of your kids knitting and crocheting. :-)

  4. hi bridget
    my dd age 8 learnt to knit last year she,s had a go with circular needles as well. if you,ve any patterns fell free to post the cardi.
    lesley :-)


Lovely to hear from you :)