Friday, 7 November 2008


Thanks for the invite:o))

I love crafting.  'Tis the best thing, I think.  I've got millions of books on crafts as I'm into all sorts of things...stuff like knitting, crocheting, sewing, jewellery making, papercrafting.  I've managed to get a spinning wheel off Freecycle so I want to have a go at that soon.  Well, as soon as I can oik it back from my brother who has borrowed it.  He wants to copy and make one himself. 

 Soapmaking is a new craft to me, too.  I've made a couple of batches and they were ok.  I didn't make them creamy enough so they ended up as laundry powder....but the washing came out great!  Smelled lovely for yonks.    

I'm one of those who starts a project and then gets waylaid or bored, so I have tons of UFOs (unfinished  objects) around.  Bad habit that!!  But, I'm a Gemini and can't be pinned down ('scuse pun.  lol) to one thing for long.    I'm on with a load of projects at the moment.  Can't post any piccies yet because they're going to be Christmas pressies.  Everything gets finished at the last minute.  Typical me.

I'd love to try felting...and beadmaking and ceramics.  Too many crafts, not enough time!! 

I've just started up a little craft business from home.  The 'Homemade with Love' type of thing.    I'm trying to use recycled materials and so I save EVERYTHING!!  My family despair at me sometimes...they think it's junk and clutter but I think it's all lovely and will have a use some day.  Have to get a website going to advertise my goodies, so that'll keep me occupied for a while 'cos I hate techy stuff.   Same goes with the camera.  Memory card is full and I can't figure out how to upload the piccies onto the Mac and clear the card so I can take more photos.  sigh...  The instructions I have are in it should take a while.  lol

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  1. we'll look forward to seeing all your pics when you've sussed the camera.
    talking about beadmaking there are some lovely fimo things on the net :-)
    thank you for coming along to join us :-)


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