Sunday, 30 November 2008


I'm Kara and a new member - I'm definately not as talented as some others here, so please don't laugh!! My daughter is very into art and craft stuff, and is very creative, so I'm learning a lot through her, but I'm enjoying it all too.

Every year before Christmas we have a simple craft project on the go to produce little gifts to send to friends and family, as we cant afford to buy presents for everyone we'd like to (and I think hand-made gifts are nicer anyway). This is what we're doing this year: hanging felt bells, with a chocolate coin in each.

I have just learnt to knit (hooray!!) and this is my first finished piece - a dishcloth (how much more exciting can life get?!). I'm now working on some stripy armwarmers, a bit more interesting it has to be said, but I have to call on my Mum everytime something goes wrong, which gets a bit frustrating. Anyone know of any troubleshooting manuals/websites for rubbish knitters?


  1. hello,I've just started to knit too. What did you use for the dishcloth (I'm guessing cotton) I love the bells, great idea :0)

  2. Thanks Amanda, yes it was cotton for the dishcloth, which was quite nice to work with on a first attempt. Loved your little bag by the way! X

  3. Hiya Kara , so nice to see you 'in' here :-) love the bells idea.
    Look forward to seeing the arm warmers.
    for knitting mistakes n such I always use about dot com. try this

  4. Hi Kara,
    Like the dishcloth - that's on my list too, along with a non-stick scourer made from tulle(?) I'll find the link to it later. For help I always seem to end up back at YouTube - I'm obviously a visual learner.

    The bells look lovely, and it's a great idea to have the coin inside. :-)

  5. Hello, Kara!
    I am echoing the google search/YouTube type searches. It's amazing how easy it is to find specific tutoring for anything.

    Your washcloth is a great start. I love knitting and am just starting up after having put it on hold for a number of years and I've relearned lots of things online like that.

    Keep us posted with your next projects!


  6. Hi Kara, your dishcloth is better than my scarf! i am also a beginner in knitting.
    I love the idea for the bells with the chocolate inside, mmm.. yummy!

  7. Thanks all for your support! And thanks for the tip about online help, I'm sure I'll use it plenty!! X


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