Saturday, 22 November 2008

Heres one I made earlier....

This is my first knitting project - I know its sideways, not sure how that happened! - its a very small bag knitted on wooden needles, handle made with wooden knitting fork, wooden beads just because I like them! Its my going out without children bag ;0)


  1. That's really cool. Well done if that's your first project. :o) You're obviously very creative.

  2. Great bag, and I love the beads :-)

  3. Great job! It's very cute and i am getting jealous :) that i haven't done much yet, i am still training.
    I find a lot of holes in my knitting :-(
    I love the beads as well.

  4. you know we love it, especially Lana , will we ever amaze her? lol

    you do have a flair I think Amanda, my knitting had holes in it for years . . . . .

  5. I think it looks lovely and do like the beads.


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