Monday, 10 November 2008

hi folks
i look forward to reading this blog as crafts are my "thing".
knitting is my no.1, i,ve always got at least 4 projects on the go.been doing it over 30 years now so am quick and dont have to think much so its my way of relaxing (as well as the fact that i love it) it,s also led to me becoming a woolaholic lol so my stash is rather large, good job my other half is easy going, if i could buy and run a wool shop i would be sooooo happy or would i knit up all the profits hmmm.
i taught myself to crochet a couple of years ago so dabble there a bit and i sew a little on a fab old hand operated machine.i make jewellry and i love to bake as well (is that a craft ?)
on my wanttolearntodo list is woodwork and i,d love to have a go at spinning.
thats all for now
hopefully i,ll get to post some pictures
lesley :-)

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  1. wow what a talented person you are Lesley :-) look forward to seeing your pics :)


Lovely to hear from you :)