Friday, 7 November 2008

An Introduction

Hello. This is exciting :-)) Thanks for the invite.

I love all crafting, and the list of things I want to try is bottomless. Not only do I have lots and lots of craft books all calling me, I now have hundreds of enticing craft ideas on my blog reader which *need* to be tried. I'm hoping that sharing my experiences here, with like-minded enthusiasts will encourage me to start - and finish - some of these projects.

At the moment I am in a crochet frenzy, whipping up some super quick scarves and a bag.

From Feel the rhythm inside

I'm also recycling yarn from unloved charity shop jumpers. Very addictive.

I dream of being able to make some pocket-money from my crafts, so I shall be following Minnie's developments with interest :-)


  1. Hiya Sam, thank you for coming along, it is exciting isn't it, a meeting of like-minded people - wool just doesn't have the same effect on DH as it does on me, it'll be nice to have people to share enthusiasm with :-) love your scarf.

  2. Lol, my DH just rolls his eyes when I get my wool out.

  3. Can't get into our little bedroom for wool! lol


Lovely to hear from you :)