Monday, 17 November 2008


The wooden one was made a few weeks ago and i forgot about it until yesterday when i decided to make the blue one!
The wooden one is made with some beads i bought a long time ago, i cant even remember their name otherwise the rest come from other necklaces that i pulled apart.
The blue one is more expensive, they are turquoise that my niece gave me a while back but didn't have the courage to make until now.
The heart is one of several i bought on ebay quite a while ago.
I've passed a metal thread in the hole and twisted it around to make it secure.
I started it yesterday and finished it this morning.


  1. Both striking, but the turquoise one is my favourite.
    I love that you use beads again - I always look out for necklaces at car boots, gorgeous beads for only 50p or so.

  2. I love turquoise Patricia :-) they're all beautiful.

  3. Lovely necklaces. And now you have me thinking - recycling necklaces. Hmmm.


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