Wednesday, 12 November 2008

A new box!

A box i bought in the charity shop for 25 pence.
I didn't like the colours so i decided to change it.
I've used some christmas wrapping paper from poundland. The petals on top are from a bunch of flowers from poundland as well that i have been cutting to be able to stick.
The stickers all around are from stickers i had for my cards. The goldish rings in front are curtain rings.
And i have lined the inside drawers with some nice card.
I thought it was gonna be hard to cover it but in fact it was like wrapping a present, except may be for the edges :)
The box became heavier after it was finished!
Sorry about the blurry pictures!


  1. wow that's lovely too :)
    aren't you clever, seeing ideas is good cos it gets my mind working :)

  2. I love giving new life to lod, unloved things. And you've done a great job!
    But how did you get it for 25p? Our charity shops don't sell anything for less than £1.50 now *sulk* :-)

  3. Dear Sam,
    It was a sale day! lol


Lovely to hear from you :)