Wednesday, 19 November 2008

New mirror

And here it is, the mirror for one pound from the charity shop!

When i opened it ( because it was still wrapped) i realised it was from IKEA.

It was lovely working with wood, the lovely smell....

We started quite well and then towards the end where the papers meet, we realised we didn't plan properly as we had to put the same colour next to each other, but it doesn't show much.

And then Sarah wanted to write with a black pen around every piece of papers , so i said why not!

I am not sure i like it this way, but it's hanging in her room now, so i won't see it :)

We had our hands full of glue and spent quite a while to scrub it :)

I even stucked some sort of jewellery on the top left side, it's not very clear on the picture.


  1. It looks really great. I like that it was ordinary and now it has a new life :-)


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