Sunday, 9 November 2008

new wool

Today I got two balls of wool - last of the big spenders, anyway a lilac and a heather to do some more squares for my quilt. It's a real treat because I love new balls of wool and starting them . . . well it doesn't make me fat like chocolate does :) so I guess knitting is a help in losing weight lol
crochet helped me stop smoking so I can hope knitting instead of biscuits might help too.

anyway just popping on to say thank you to everyone who has logged in to being a team author here, I'm looking forward to seeing your talents :-)

There are 12 of us now and a few more to come I think. If you know anyone else who would like to join in do send me their email addresses so I can invite them :) or can team authors invite too ? - I haven't a clue.

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  1. dawniy
    knitting doesn,t help with my weight because when i eat chocolate or biscuits while i knit i dont realise how much i,m eating cos the knitting distracts me lol
    lesley :-)


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