Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Preparing for Christmas...already.

I love crafting for Christmas, but we always seem to run out of time. So this year, we decided to get going a little bit earlier. Well, OK, a lot earlier, lol.
So far, it seems to involve lots of glitter *shriek* Everything sparkles now, and we've only just begun.
I bought a cheap pack of plain plastic baubles, and the boys have been painting, gluing and glittering. They look great, hung up to dry on the back of a chair, so we're going to get more to decorate the house, as well as the tree.
Buzz (eldest) has also been glittering some sticks, to make a glitter tree decoration. We'll need some oasis to stand the sticks in. He was also busy cutting snowflakes, while Squirt (youngest) was busy making firework pictures.
Meanwhile, I have been working on presents for friends and family. I finally finished some knitted booties for a tiny newborn baby, I've finished another crochet curly wurly scarf and I've started on another crochet shrug.
Unfortunately, my camera is out of action, so I have no pictures to share. Hopefully soon.


  1. I'd love to see all those knitted presents!
    I have started on something, probably will look like a scarf :)
    Pat xx

  2. I hope your camera gets better soon! It's really frustrating not being able to take pics.

  3. we're in the middle of lots of glitte xring too, will you manage to finish your shrug between now and chrimbo?

  4. Dawny - I really, really hope so! Although your countdown timer at the top of the blog is not calming me down, lol.

  5. oops had I better remove it Sam?? it's making me feel the pressure a bit too . . . . maybe i might be ready before christmas eve this year ;-)

    how's your camera ? are we any closer to pics?

  6. Keep the countdown. It will stop me (us!) faffing about, lol. 5 weeks sounded much longer than 33 days *gulp*

    Hopefully, a new camera battery will arrive in the next few days, and my camera will return to duty. I can't believe how much I miss it!

  7. gosh yes only 33 sleeps , or is that 32 , eek.


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