Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Recipe Book

I wasn't sure if i should post it here as it's already on my blog but i've decided to put it here as well.

I made this recipe book using a template from a magazine.

You take 5 white A6 sized card blanks and envelopes, you can add more if you want more recipes.

Open the envelopes flaps and place face down with the flaps all facing the same way. Add glue to the triangular opening ( the piece with the sticky edge) and stick to the bottom front of another envelope. Repeat until you have enough pockets for all the recipe cards. Accordion fold and flatten the edges for easy movement.

Covering the Book:
Turn your line of envelopes so the pockets are on the table and the plain side with the flaps is facing up. The top of the book is the last envelope not adhered to anothe one.
That's when you start to decorate the back of the book.

Once done turn the book over so that the pockets are visible. You decorate the bottom of the envelopes then each card like you are doing a greeting card.
When printing your recipes, centre the lettering. If the recipe is long attach two pieces together.
I am not using it as a book, i've threaded a ribbon on the top envelope and it's hanging in my kitchen. It's too nice to be put on a shelf :)


  1. That looks lovely. I'd like to try this. How do you cover the back and other parts? Is it fabric or paper? How do you keep it really neat? I've visions of mine turning into a sticky raggy mess!

  2. The covers are just paper but i think you could cover it as well with fabric if you feel adventurous:)
    I made some mistakes along the way but i have been able to cover them.
    It's like making cards with the envelopes as well.
    I dont say it was easy, took me a while though.
    You just need to take your time, don't rush.

  3. It's a very clever way to display your favourite recipes. Could you make new recipe cards to swap in and out as the seasons change, for instance?

    I've seen this type of envelope book before, in my scrapbooking days, but I've never made one.

  4. I am sure you can change and make some new recipes and then swap them :)

  5. You've done a lovely job, Patricia. I love the creativity!


  6. that's really lovely Patrica :-) the girls here would love doing that, thank you x


Lovely to hear from you :)