Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Spinning mostly.

Here are two skeins of wool that I've spun recently. One is a Leicester (spun in the grease) plied with a dark lime green hemp thread ... and I've spun it for Bexi because they are the colours she uses a lot in her work (Which you can see at Sawdust and Diamonds linked at my blog: Happy at Home) and she gets through a lot of wool in her everyday creative stuff. She is studying creative arts/textiles at Bath Spa right now. I'm going to leave the top skein undyed.
The second is plied with a darker green cotton thread and I may well dye it, but haven't decided whether to dye it rainbow style, a plain colour or stripy.

I crocheted some hats for the littles (they are in the wardrobe for Xmas and the kiddies are asleep in there ... photos to follow). They have a nice sort of 1920s style cut to them. Lani's is made from some wool I spun, plied with that green hemp again. The fleece I spun was a beautiful petrol blue. At some point I ran out of petrol blue and had a lovely purple roving that went really well with the petrol blue. So the hat suddenly begins to turn purple near the bottom back edge.
Freya's is red by request. I took some red wool that I already had and plied it to make it more interesting (that green hemp again ... Bexi got it in Harrogate at a textiles fair and it has come in very handy! I'd been wondering what to do with such thin stuff.)
Miyuki's is multicoloured greens and blues, knit from some wool I bought at the Threshing Barn in Staffs. Cool place and they do mail order. I also bought my recent fleece in the grease there for £5 but it is a bit inclined to break part way down the staple so may be they sheered after lambing rather than before? Anyway, it seems to be doing the job. I've also improved my carding technique recently, by reading a bit. Just before that I'd been laughing quietly that I'd seen a whole book dedicated to carding wool! I'm not scoffing so loudly now.

Here are some things Lani has been up to: she has learned to crochet this month and is busy constructing a trouser suit for one of her dolls to match the hat she already made for it. She has worked out how to increase and decrease and use them to get round corners like over the top of feet. She is happily crocheting tubes and connecting them all up. She is actually working with the work on the doll so that she gets it shaped perfectly to fit. Ingenious.

She has also been trying some basic weaving again ... I'm going to get some old metal knitting needles and use them as side struts for the warp so that she weaves around the struts too. This helps (I'm told) to keep the weaving from taking on that hour glass figure! It is looking very neat otherwise. This is a little loom we got really cheaply on Ebay. It has a clever little heddle system.

I also made Mialani a drop spindle for xmas. For the whorl I used a circular piece of wood scavenged from the broken wooden toy bag that I found in the basement. I then used a nice wooden knitting needle for the spindle part. Glued together ... heh presto. It looks beautiful!
Not so beautiful is the one that I made out of a bamboo cane and two free CDs advertising something from Sainsbury! However, Lani is finding it very functional.
(Pictures to follow again).

Then there are "woollies" and corn dollies, felt balls, felt pictures and felt animals on pipe cleaner skeletons, ongoing knitting projects, and dying experiments.

We have a great discount store over the road where they sell blank cards and envelopes at very silly prices, so maybe tomorrow's crafty stuff will be to begin the xmas cards we always make. This year I'm going to get round to sending them too! No really


  1. Wow a lot of hard work, is it?
    Must take long to spun your own wool.
    You have to excuse me, i don't know a lot about wool or knitting.

  2. Nor me, I think we need a glossary, it sounds intriguing (in the grease? yikes).

  3. lol I need to learn some new words there too I think
    Sal you are very clever and busy - I'm looking forward to the pics :-)

  4. I'd love to try spinning, and the end result looks fabulous. And I've been told you can make a drop spindle from a potato and a chopstick! It's all on my list. I'm keen to see more photos.
    But how busy you are - carding, spinning, crochet, felting, dying, weaving... When will you find time to make the cards? Lol.

  5. I love weaving! I once made a basic loom using an old drawer, some nails and knitting needles :)


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