Saturday, 15 November 2008

Taken up knitting

I have decided to take up knitting but i haven't done it for over 30 years, so i have forgotten most of the things. I know the basic but i dont remember the rest.
I bought some needdles which i think were too small for the wool i had, so today my fingers hurt by pushing the needdles too much! This morning i tried a different wool and it was better ( the green and blue wool).
Apart from that i love it!
I'd like to know where i could go to learn to knit better with pictures as well, so i can follow it.
And where it is explained which needdle for which wool, etc...
Any one knows?


  1. Try this.

    If you google Learn how to knit, it chucks up some Youtube instructions. Also, most of the knitting mags out nowadays have some instructions in the back of them. HTH

    I learned from my Mum, who is left handed and from a foreign land, so I KNIT right to left like everyone else but PURL left to right! I never swap my needles over when I'm knitting, so following instructions when I was younger was a nightmare. lol

  2. Thanks a lot minnie!
    I am left handed as well and from france.
    I'll have a look at the link.
    I can't watch youtube, i have a problem with my browser and i am so good with the pc that i can't fix it :))
    Anyway, can't wait to knit myself a jumper! lol

  3. Good luck!
    I use a Reader's Digest craft book my mum gave me, but the knitting magazines seem to be good these days.
    I'm sticking to smalll knitting projects for now, though I might make a cushion one day!! Lol.

  4. Oh, and the ball band usually shows the suggested needle sizes, but I recommend you just experiment and make lots of guage swatches.

  5. Hi, finally making contact after reading this for a while. I use a book which was my Grannys and has really good pictures in it. I think it is from the 70's and called The Complete Guide to Needlework but has a knitting section. Charity shops might have some 'how to' books in.

  6. The blue and green fluffy wool crochets up really nicely. Dd tried it for a knitting project but she couldn't get on with it so we ended up with spare wool. Am in the process of making a funky bag and also a bathmat for my mum (her idea) in that wool but using a different colourway. If you use a large crochet hook for the bathmat, it crochets up to a really decent bathmat thickness (I used double crochet) and is just a bit different from your runofthemill mats. Just sew an old towel to the underside and voila.

  7. Thanks everyone for your ideas, they are great.
    Charity shops V, yes good idea, i'll have a look tomorrow.
    I also went on the site minnie gave me and it's quite good.
    A bath mat, what a good idea. I am writing down all of this for later!
    At the moment i am just training :)

  8. My nan used to knit like mad and I never learned to I wish she had taught me - mind you I can just about cope with cards!!

  9. isn't it just fab , not been online for a couple of days and then when I do come on you're all busy and I'm so inspired :-)

    for knitting and crochet 'how to's I use about dot come

    look forward to seeing what you make patricia.


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