Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Arm warmers

This is my second completed knitting project, very simple but I'm quite pleased with them (as is my daughter). I'm now working on some red and black ones for me.


  1. wow K clever you :) did you do a pattern? or did you work out how many stitches? they're lovely :)
    I'm knitting some mauve ones in rib atm.

  2. Thanks Dawny! I just guessed at how many stitches, then when I sewed them up I just left a gap for the thumb. Looking forward to seeing yours :0)

  3. These are great and would be brilliant for walking the dogs. How many stitches did you use? If you've got time could you post the pattern? Many thanks.

  4. Hi Bridget, glad you like them!
    I didn't use a pattern, but I used 30 stitches for my daughter's little 9-yr-old hands, and am working with 35 for my ones. I started off with 3 rows of knit in black (to give a bit of a ridge for the top), then 1 row purl & 1 row knit with purple, then 1 row purl & 1 row knit with black, and repeated until I thought they were long enough.
    I hope this makes sense to you - I'm sure there's a much more concise way of putting it in 'knitting language', but I've not used any actual patterns yet so am not familiar with that!
    Cheers x

  5. They look fabulous, and I'm going to try them as well. I need them for late night crochet :-)

  6. hey Sam , what a good idea , yes they'd be great for knitting in too . . . .

  7. I'm definitely gonna have a go at these, I love them! I was worried at first as I thought they actually had fingers in the them, but it's just basically a tube with a hole for your thumb to go through, is that right?

    Can't wait to get into town for some wool now! :)


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