Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Clay baby

My first time at trying clay. I wanted to buy some polymer clay which you are supposed to use but couln't find it so i had to use some normal clay.
Now i realise that the baby has a dot on its head :) my children said it looks indian!It was a girl at first but then i decided to put a lump down there to see how it looks and left it as it is, not sure if it is right :-*)
Don't look too close, you will see many mistakes and after all i am not a professional! :))
The pictures are all blurry and anyway the pictures don't do it justice.


  1. Oh how wonderful. So lifelike, proportionate and natural, for a figure so small. You clearly have a talent for this, you must do some more. Sculpting is terribly difficult in my opinion, harder than painting. I can do neither, sadly.

  2. awww it's lovely :-) Have you seen polymer clay babies on you tube?

    How very good for a first try - you've got a flair there :)

  3. Yes Dawny i saw the babies on youtube and it's my old math professor who told me about it and i found it quite inspiring.

  4. That's fabulous. You certainly do seem to have a flair.

  5. I agree with the others - your clay baby is amazing, and you obviously have a talent there.


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