Friday, 5 December 2008

Salt dough

I have just finished these two yesterday.

So here is my first project on salt dough. I have never done this in my life so i must say that i am quite proud of myself :)For ladies who don't quite see what it is, it is supposed to be a man and a ladies hat! And no the hat doesn't fit on the little man's head, that's what my son thought ;-)
I had to buy some varnish for acrylic paint which was really expensive! but i suppose i'll have it next time for some more dough.The man lost his nose after i got it out of the oven and i dont know why i made such big holes for the mouth and the eyes as well.... oh well!
I was thinking of sticking some beads for the eyes and may be make a smoking pipe to cover his mouth, but i'll do that later may be.A college friend from France sent me the details how to do it and voila!


  1. Very clever :-) You could fill your house with salt dough Christmas decorations now, lol.

  2. lovley! oooh yes salt dough decorations :0) i haven't tried this - I have enough problems with home made playdough!!

  3. He looks rather excited with his big eyes :-)
    lovely - yes christmas decs in salt dough sounds goot too.


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