Sunday, 28 December 2008


Well, I feel totally unqualified for posting on here, but here goes...I needed a scarf for the winter so decided to get knitting, something which I haven't done for years and years. I got the chunkiest wool I could find, and some really fat needles (15mm I think). First attempt I did 30 stitches but it was way too wide, so I unravelled it and started again with 20 stitches, which is just right for me although others might prefer it a bit narrower still. The pattern is knit a row, then knit 1 purl 1 the next row, and just carry on alternating like that. It turns out looking vaguely like a stocking stitch on one side and a moss stitch on the other. I used 3 balls of wool, just knitting until I'd used one ball up, and then starting a new one - turned out just the right length.


  1. You've just qualified, lol. Looks lovely. I like the look of the texture and the colour change. What's next? :-)

  2. You are more qualified than me! :))
    I still haven't finished mine, yours is lovely.
    Pat xx

  3. Love the colours, its lovley :0)

  4. Ooh thank you everyone! :) I'm going to try making some arm warmers next.

  5. hey that's a lovely scarf - we all like purples and blues don't we , I love the stitch too. And honest Debs we are all starters on here too you know.
    I finished my arm warmers the other day, i'll try to get a pic with naomi's camera because i dropped our camera that Lana and I share and it's now dead.
    Thank you for posting :)

  6. t looks great. I wish I could knit a bit better.


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