Saturday, 20 December 2008

Some cosy goodies

Hiya ladies, because I've finished my first arm warmer and I'm half way down my second one, I tried knitting both on the needle together row by row but just got in a tangle. So anyway I thought I'd look us up some free patterns seeing as we like arm warmers here's a few.

arm warmers at Cider Moon 

Here are some Arctic grade armwarmers from Miss Allen Knitting that are designed to wear over gloves.
Pretty wrist warmers at learn to knit dot com
At Black Purl Magazine some beaded wrist warmers - could be very nice I think, I'll have to work on this one , purple wool and purple beads I reckon ;-)
and here are some with buttons at Crystal Pattern Yarns.
there are a lot more free patterns here at knitting pattern central gloves and mittens

managed to take a pic of mine ,  a bit blurry - I'm struggling with our new camera, well we've had it a good while now but I'm still bodging it.
Finished the left one and nearly there on the right one, Naomi wants a pair next.


  1. Some great patterns there Dawny, I can see I'm going to be busy - and I know what everyone's getting for Christmas from me next year!!! X

  2. yes if we start now we might manage it lol xx

  3. Christmas presents - good idea :-) I shall plough through these links when I have a moment, 'cos I really want a pair myself. But are they easy enough to make smaller, for kids?

  4. yes I think they would be , but on knitting central there might be some kids ones anyway :)

  5. how about these ones

    d xx


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