Saturday, 3 January 2009

Arm warmers - first attempt

This is the result of my first attempt at a pair of arm warmers. If you look closely you can see at the top where I totally botched the moss stitch/rib stitch - but I have worked out what went wrong so it won't happen again hopefully! They are a bit of a mess really, and sewing them together was a bit nerve-wracking - I'm sure my sewing is the messiest in the world! - but it was easy enough once I got going - just had to remember to leave a hole for my thumb to go through!

I'm already half-way through my second pair, which are shaping up to be a bit neater already, and I'm doing them all in rib stitch. I have also found a much tidier way of changing colours than I used on the first pair. If you're not sure about this, there is a really helpful video demonstration half way down this page, which explains it really well, so that even I can understand! lol.


  1. OOOOh I like those!!!

  2. They look excellent. And I love the colours. I've started mine in green, but I'm probably going to alternate with "natural".

    Must actually post what I'm upto on here!!! Lol.

  3. ooh Debs they're lovely - even our Lana is impressed and she is just typical hard to impress teenager, so that gives them a real good thumbs up :-)

  4. Where did you get the pattern from?

  5. It's not really a pattern - I copied K's idea from here:

    where you just knit a straight piece as though you're doing a scarf, and then fold it over to make a tube, and sew the edge together, leaving a hole for your thumb to go through.

    I used 40 stitches because I've got fat arms! 5 rows of knit, then stocking stitch (knit a row, purl a row), changing colour every 5 rows, and then it was meant to be rib stitch for the last 5 rows but it all went horribly wrong, and so the last 5 rows are a bit of a mess! There are 65 rows in all.

    Not sure if I've explained that very well, but they are really simple - as easy as a scarf! :) xxx

  6. They look great Debs!! I love the colours.
    Thankyou also for explaining what stocking stitch is - I've seen it on several patterns and wondered what it meant! ( You can tell I've got a long way to go with this knitting malarky!!).
    I've found a couple of patterns now that I can almost understand - its like another language! So am going to attempt one of them next, instead of just making it up as I go!!
    K X

  7. Good luck K! I'm not quite brave enough for patterns yet. I'm lucky because my mum taught me the basics when I was a girl, casting on and off, the different stitches etc, so I do at least have a vague idea of what different stitches should look like. Having said that, when I made my scarf I had to look up on the internet how to cast off! I just had a complete mental block, lol. xx


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