Saturday, 3 January 2009


I came up with this idea as i am reading so many books at the same time and i haven't got any bookmarks except the one i got for free when i buy the books and then they are not very solid.
And if you want to buy some the cheapest one is 1.99 and then the prices go up.
So i decided to make some, they are my first two, one for me and one for Sarah, who wanted a pokemon picture on her one. Mine is a faiery picture.
They are made with two pieces of card to make them strong, they are 7 inches high and about 2 inches wide. I had to make sarah's one slightly larger to accommodate her picture.
I am going back now to make some more :)


  1. They are lovely. I might have to have a go at them now - certainly beats old bus tickets and receipts, which is what I usually end up using as bookmarks!

  2. They're gorgeous. I must make some too. I never have any bookmarks when I need them, and my favourite one (now departed) was one I had made myself, so I should have thought of it before!

    Thanks for the inspiration :-)

  3. What a lovely idea , I think me and the girls might have a go at doing some of those :) thank you x


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