Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Bought this and finished this!

I bought this on Tuesday, I love new wool. I've got some for a scarf for a friend, some to knit two jumpers for my nephew and my Mum bought some and gave it to me because she wants me to knit her new fiance a jumper for his birthday in March.

I've also finished this. Modelled by my lovely two year old.

I'm off to get started on those lovely new balls of wool.


  1. Bridget thats fantastic :0)

  2. Lovely jumper. He looks great in it, and nice and cosy :-)

    Jealous of your stash of wool :-) Do you have a good wool shop near you then? The one near me isn't great, and sells lots of pastel baby wool. Not quite what I'm after ;-)

  3. We have a lovely Craft centre
    There's a beautiful little wool shop there which has really lovely wool and its not expensive. We've got a wool shop in town whose prices are extremely overpriced.

  4. Oooh Bridget , lovely :)
    what a lovely jumper and doesn't he look cute bless him xx

  5. Awww lovely jumper and lovely babe :-)

  6. Dear little chap. I love an aran sweater, something very reassuring about a repeating cable pattern.
    Is the scarf in the brownish wool,looks eyelashy type?


Lovely to hear from you :)