Monday, 19 January 2009


Hi Ladies, its been ages since I posted. I have been busy making the above cardi (well this is the pattern, havent photographed my effort yet. I have done the fronts, back and collar, one sleeve and am almost there with the other one. I hate sleeves they take so long. However once Ive finshed the sleeve Ive got to do the horrible pick up and knit bit for the edges. Once that's done I just need to get some buttons. Does any one know of a good place to buy them. Id like something a bit different. Theres not a huge choice locally where I live.


  1. take them off garments in charity shops? just a thought
    glass buttons www dot nicholsbuttons dot co dot uk/

  2. No help with buttons I'm afraid, unless you want to try Etsy or Folksy.
    Looking forward to seeing your finished cardigan :-)

  3. Thanks ladies. Sam I WILL get there. so I keep telling myself anyway!!! This is the 2nd thing I have ever made for myself so Im feeling a bit chuffed about that.


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