Friday, 2 January 2009

Cap and garland

I've been doing bit of easy going sewing the last few nights and have made this hearts and flowers garland for our mantle. The hearts are filled with rose and lavender petals.

Nana crocheted a cap for Hermione which I thought was fairly impressive - however Hermione had the audacity to ask for the addition of a flower - and nana duly obliged.


  1. I love the garland. It's so pretty and must have a lovely smell. I'd like to have a go at that myself.

    And the hat is great, especially the flower :-)

  2. Claire I love the garland and hat :0)

  3. I love the jaunty angle she's wearing it at , bless her :-)
    look at your real fire - how lovely , the garland looks lovely on it x

  4. Both look gorgeous, and the flower is just the icing on the cake! :) xx

  5. Both are beautiful!
    I wish i could sew, i tried to make some mice with lavender in it but it didn't work.
    Pat xx

  6. Those hearts are so pretty, great idea for a gift. Kara x


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