Friday, 16 January 2009

Child Labour

Hello Ladies,

This is a first time post, rehashed from my post today over on Sew Q.Hope you don't mind a rehash? I'm too tired to thinking two posts in 24 hours ;-)

Following on from this post? The work is complete. What started off as a simple midget craft has turned into something bigger ::an act of love and generosity; a team effort; an idea taking shape, growing wings and being set free. But most of all I hope it was a lesson in action, that even the smallest amongst us should be listened to, supported, aided and guided and that even the smallest amongst us can produce great results.

The idea was from the boys,the centre panel is their work. I helped with the patchwork and cushion making somewhat, but the love? It's all theirs.

And they are somewhat proud of themselves even if I do say so myself. It's the type of pride you get when you see some beauty in your finished work and you think, "I made that". They keep looking at the cushions and smiling. And now they are almost ready to be shipped out to the unsuspecting Aunties lucky recipients!

Other work around these parts:

This is something the midget likes to do whilst I am sewing - he cuts scraps of fabric, arranges them into something, draws a face (or wheels, or whatever) and asks me to sew it together. This is a crocodile.

Taking it a step further he is also immersed in applique right now too.


Also what you lovely people think of starting a group or forum over on Ravelry? Would be good to chart your granny square thing? (I can't crochet competently or else I'd love your join your crochet bee).



  1. D I don't crochet well but I'm going to have a go - thats a challenge, Nice to see you over here, I love the boys cushions :0)


  2. Hiya D , lovely to see you here :-)
    i'll have to suss this ravelry thing out , could you set one up for us , or is it easy enough for me to do ? the crochet challenege is ans easy one , there are so many tutorials for granny squares on you tube and on websites - or I'm wondering could you make some quilted/embroidered squares to join in with? as long as the square measures 6 inches then how it's made doesn't really matter, they can all be sewn together . . . . .? what do you think?
    dawniy xx

  3. I love those embroidered cushions :-) What a great idea. And the applique is great - I would be fretting about the thread being wrapped round, but when I see this one, it looks perfect. (i.e. NOT taken over by an adult)

  4. Hi Dawny, Yes I could set up a group on Ravelry. Everyone would need to register with Ravelry though to log in, and currently you have to wait a few days for them to "invite" you (you apply and they approve). I'll have a go at some crochet and see if I feel brave enough to join in :D

    Sam, thanks! The boys really love to sit and sew - zones them right out. I don't worry too much about outcome - everything can be fixed ;-)


Lovely to hear from you :)