Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Crochet Bee

Look what Stef found , aww bless him he saw a film with Winona Ryder in it , and all the women got together at a Quilting Bee (gathering) , I was telling him what we're doing and he went searching 
bee, as used in quilting bee or spelling bee, is an old word to describe a gathering of friends and neighbors to accomplish a task or to hold a competition. The tasks were often major jobs, such as clearing a field of timber or raising a barn, that would be difficult to carry out alone. It was often both a social and utilitarian event. Jobs like corn husking or sewing, could be done as a group to allow socialization during an otherwise tedious chore. Such bees often included refreshments and entertainment provided by the group.
Read more here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bee_(gathering)

so we're doing a Bee only cyberly and with help of the postman, isn't the internet marvellous :-)

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  1. I've seen that film. I think they were making a marriage quilt for Winona's character. Made me want to learn how to quilt :-)


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