Sunday, 4 January 2009

A crocheted string bag

Made out of plastic bags.

I thought I'd better show you something I've been up to. Too busy reading and not enough posting! Anyway, I recently finished a string bag, which I crocheted out of plastic yarn - Plarn. I cut some plastic bread bags into long strips and knotted them together to make a small ball of plarn, then I crocheted the string bag.
It's very light, and quite soft, especially compared to the one I'm crocheting out of weird, orange twine. I'll finish it too, because I'm not sure how strong the plarn one will be.

The pattern for the bag and the details for making Plarn are both found on Laughing Purple Goldfish Design blog: Oranges bag here and plarn here.

There are more pictures on my blog. Have a go. :-)


  1. thank you Sam , they're great - keep us posted about how they get on with the shopping :)

  2. What a great idea, something to try when I'm not knitting ;0)

  3. Excellent. Try as I might I find crochet woth carrier bags really difficult. I never get far before giving up. Perhaps I need to check out how to make it into plarn instead of crocheting with strips. Love it, it's really funky.

  4. Claire - the plarn would sometimes be difficult to slide along the acrylic hook, but not as bad as my orange twine. And when I swapped to a bamboo hook, it slipped along beautifully.


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