Monday, 12 January 2009

for Eleanor :-)

this is a tutorial by Teresa it's the same sort of granny square that your dream bag is made of :-)
DK size 4 4.5 or 5 mm hook , whichever you can get - tesco are actually selling a lovely set of different crochet hooks atm in their arts and crafts aisle ( I can't find a link for it in their online store.

have fun xx


  1. Thank you sweetie, I'm thinking I can manage this. If I bribe R with the second Stephenie Meyer book I'll get to town tomorrow, and I'll have a nosy at the wool/cotton/whatever.

  2. i've gone for DK and a 4.50 hook. you know i was thinking as there aren't that many of us , if we do squares and post then to each other, we'd maybe end up with enough to build that bag you want :-) then we'd each have a bag :-) xx


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