Wednesday, 28 January 2009

granny square challenge

What to do 
  • There are (including Claire) now 10 crafters in our granny square thingy. 
  • each crafter makes as many granny squares as there are people on the list- at the moment ten (or double the number of people if you want to give people 2 squares each) 
  • Join A Crafty Blog Chat to add your address (only we can see them, it's private)  or to add your name to Eleanor's address.
  • There are two ways to send your squares out (1) some people would like their squares popping in their own mail and their addresses are on a crafty blog chat . (2) some people would like their squares all at one go their squares will be sent to Eleanor's address whereEleanor will collect them and send them out once she has all of them at one go. (We'll sort postage costs in a bit when it's all 'getting there.'
The squares need to be 6 inches by 6 inches and may be crocheted, knitted or sewn/quilted/embroidered in some way - which ever suits you, as long as they are 6 by 6 then we'll be able to fasten them together into an item/ afghan/shawl/cushion??? 
I think Eleanor will have enough to make that bag :-) 

Clear as mud?? yes it probably is , i'm not very good at explaining it. please do email me or Eleanor if you want any more help with anything.

dawny xxx

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