Sunday, 11 January 2009

Granny Squares

Well, I was on the fence here, and hadn't seen Dawny's update (how do you get all the comments and updates to come to you by email? edited to say ignore me, I've found it now) but then, I clicked stumble (yeah I know, wouldn't you just think I had nothing better to do, I was just waiting for the bathroom some paint to dry my meringues to cool a go on the Wii the kettle to boil and I stumbled across (well obviously sorry) this site and the fourth photo down just called my name. Loudly.

This is where I saw it.

And this is the one I want. Isn't it gorgeous? I know there are different sorts of granny squares, but I'm not fussy. I think it's the colours as much as anything that sing to me.

So I'm in. I'M IN I say.
I can't be beaten by a bit of wool and a hooky metal thing now can I?
I need that bag, and that is what I will make with my squares.

It's here as well.

So. What now? Apart from I go and buy some wool?

Oh and am I supposed to go and tell someone I've pinched their lovely pictures? Eek.


  1. I've got that bag bookmarked! I think it was one of the first projects I found when I discovered the amount of craft stuff on the internet.
    It's fabulous, isn't it. I'm saving up for a lovely stash of yarn before I start.
    Granny squares are easy, when you get going :-)

  2. That is gorgeous...*drool*

  3. YAY Eleanor that's great :-) did you see the edit video clips then did you? there's loads and loads of video tutorials/how tos on you tube and it is easy and grows quickly - the crochet that is not you tube .
    DK yarn and a 5mm or 4.5mm hook go well together to get started.
    thank you for being 'in' YAY xx

  4. ps I think it's ok to borrow pics as long as you link back to them ??

  5. Wow, that is some bag, wait until my daughter sees it!!


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