Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Hi everyone

Hi everyone,

Thanks for letting me join Dawny.

I'm Eden, Bridget's daughter, and I can knit, crochet & sew. I prefer crochet though I love sewing! I am 11 in 3 days! and can't wait! Anyway, I crocheted a bag for our new puppy Hexa, It is different greens, gray and a blue handle. Look above and there she is in it.

I crocheted two little blankets, and then I sewed together, and I sewed the handle on and it was finished! I also crocheted some dog toys for her, two tugs and a bone. The bone was really hard!

I have already crocheted five granny squares and am doing my sixth.

Will try and post again soon.


  1. Wow, what a talented nearly-eleven-year-old! Hi Eden, it's great to see you here - and pooch looks very happy with the bag! :) xx

  2. Hi Eden, you're putting me to shame, I haven't managed turning the corner on my squares yet, well, I can turn the first three, but it's the fourth I'm struggling with as it meets the first and I seem to have run out of room. I'll keep practising though. Anyone for triangles?
    That dear pup looks thoroughly butter wouldn't melt-ish, but I bet you could tell a different story. :D

  3. Thats Brilliant I love your doggy bag :0)

  4. OK OK THAT'S IT. I Will HAVE to learn to crochet now!

  5. Hi Eden! I love your doggy bag, and your doggy:-) It looks great - really soft and comfortable.

    Slow down with those squares though!! Some of us haven't even started yet, lol. ;-)

    Lol at sewq. Get your hook out :-D

  6. Eden , thank you so much for joining us :-) it's great to hear what you're doing , you've done more Granny squares than me already :) Hexa is lovely x


Lovely to hear from you :)