Monday, 26 January 2009


A rehashed Sew Q Post .. again...

I finished the poncho! Yes I did. It's a lot thinner than I imagined it would be, so if any of you are thinking of making it and want it a bit thick then I suggest double knitting it.

It is well easy and very effective. All I have to do now is lose my bum and my tum and this will make me look really slim. Hmmm....

Go on give it a go...


  1. Looks brilliant - love the colour.

  2. That's really lovely.

  3. It's a very easy knit. Totally recommend the pattern for a beginner.

  4. It's lovely Q, I like the hanger too :)

  5. I really like that, now I've finished my scarf I might have a go, if I can work out what a 'YO' is. X

  6. K I think, but don't quote me, I'm sure Q will be along presently,that YO is a type of increase - yes just googled, it's
    making a yarn over is a simple way to increase stitches. Using a yarn over makes a hole in the knitting and is popularly combined with a decrease such as knit two together to keep the number of stitches the same across the row.

    To make a yarn over, just wrap the yarn around the right-hand needle from back to front counterclockwise before knitting the next stitch. Then just work the next stitch as normal. When you get to the yarn over on the next row, treat it as a regular stitch.

    Working a yarn over is the same whether you're knitting or purling the next stitch. When knitting you wrap the yarn around the needle and leave it in the back; when purling, wrap it all the way around the needle so the yarn is back in front where it needs to be to purl.
    It's a great length, Q, prefer yours to the one in the pattern, but she does say, and it amused me, "I am short".

  7. Aha!! Thankyou so much for that explanation Eleanor, makes perfect sense now. Slowly but surely I will learn all these abbreviations, and one day I will know what the hell I'm doing! X

  8. hi Q
    the poncho is ace
    i,ve got one on the needles, i,m adapting a pattern to turn it into a babywearing poncho,which i can see in my head, i only hope it turns out that way lol.


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