Friday, 30 January 2009

Unravelling Jumpers, Scarves etc

I really love the idea of unravelling old woollen garments to make new ones, but can't seem to get the hang of unravelling things so that I get a nice ball of yarn to play with! I've tried a couple of old jumpers and a scarf, and every time I just end up in a big tangle, with nothing that could really be used to make anything.

I thought I'd ask on here to see if anybody has any tips, or if there is some particular technique to it. With the jumpers I've been trying to cut along a seam and find the end of the yarn, and unravel it like that, but it just doesn't work at all. I end up more kind of "laddering" the jumper, like a pair of tights, rather than unravelling it!

I'd really love to get the hang of it, because I have loads of old jumpers etc that don't fit anymore, and it would be great to make new stuff with them.

Any advice? :)


  1. Have just managed to produce a beautiful big ball of red yarn from an old scarf! Still struggling with the jumpers though...

  2. Hi Debs,
    Once you get the hang of this, you'll never stop, lol.
    First - don't bother unless the seams are sewn together NOT sergered, because serging cuts the wool, and you end up with lots of short bits.
    Then, unpick all the seams (often crocheted together), start at the top of each piece, find the end, and unravel from there.

    I read lots of ways of doing it, but Laughing Purple Goldfish is easy to follow, with lots of pictures, so I highly recommend it.

  3. Hey thanks Sam! Have just read the link you gave - some great advice there and good photos too. There's more to it than I thought, but very rewarding I should think.

  4. i've done a few now , it just amazes me how many balls of wool are in one cardigan or jumper lol

    i first saw it on Sam's blog

  5. I sat up till 1 am last night trying to unravel a jumper. Have got 2 and bit balls of yarn from it so far, so I'm quite pleased, but I'm having a spot of bother unravelling the sleeves for some reason.

    Will keep practicing! :)


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