Saturday, 24 January 2009

Yoni Cushions and Flowery Felts.

Check out this yoni cushion. I had heard of these before but hadn't seen one. The lady who made this is helping me out with a green san pro article I'm doing for a local community group and that is how I came across this. Not quite sure how I feel about it yet .....

Anyone fancy making one?

Loads of other lovely and unusual crafty things on her site if you want to check it out.
Here is a lovely felt landscape with flower which Hermione has made and added to her pound shop today.


  1. I love Hermione's pound shop! What a wonderful idea, and how dedicated and creative she is, filling it with such lovelies. Successful business woman in the making :-)

    The Yoni cushion really takes my breath away, lol. I looked at it and thought "that's not..." But yes, it is. When I read the site's blurb, it sounded like a good idea, I'm just not sure if I'm ready for the cushion!
    Wonderful! Thanks for sharing :-)

  2. Stef said "it isn't?"
    I said "it is"
    Lana says "what is it , I don't know what it is."
    Naomi looks, grins and says "I know what it is , it's a fanny." and went on to explain all the bits . . . . . I told her that it's called a yoni, she said "Hey that's good, we'll use that word for it now."
    followed by a very interesting family discussion of what where and how and mainly why - a very unexpected moment Claire. Home ed is certainly full of surprises.
    ;-) xx

  3. by the way we think you picked the best one, if there is a best one.
    and tell Hermione her felting us wonderful :-)

  4. I have seen those and other 'yoni' items... in a boy heavy house I think it would cause a lot of sniggering ;0)

  5. love H's felt :0)

  6. I think it makes a rather fabulous hat. Don't spose the males in this house would have the faintest idea.
    But tbh, Hermione's felt landscape floats my boat much better. :D

  7. I've seen these before, too. (It came up on a soap making site years ago, would you believe!)

    Bet i wouldn't score any brownie points if i gave one to my mother!!! Wonder if she'd figure it out, though? lol

    The felt is great.

  8. I have to say it's amusing to see this giggly/shocked (?) reaction to a yoni symbol when we live in a world that's wall to wall with phallic symbols and no-one bats and eyelid - cars, missiles, rockets, skyscrapers, almost anything man-made.

    I sentence you all to attend a performance of The Vagina Monologues forthwith! lol

    The cushion is gorgeous - and all joking aside, young girls and women should be encouraged to celebrate their sexuality and menarche as much as possible - and creating beautiful things like this is a great way to do that.

    Sorry, will get off my soap box now. ;)

  9. i think it's hilarious how many comments this posts had lol
    Naomi came out of the blue today and said "Mummy how's your yoni today? that cushion made me feel funny." Sounds like we have a new popular word here.

  10. ps Stef is now fantasizing about having a front room scattered with yoni cushions . . . . . he says he likes them.

  11. Don't worry Qalballah, I didn't take your comment as being snotty :) Yoni art like this is usually a reaction to thousands of years of stuff like periods being called 'the curse' and women being told they should be ashamed of their body and it's functions. It's turning that on its head and celebrating women instead of having them be demonised. Also, in many cultures including ours, there are ancient traditions of yoni art (the Sheela na Gig, for instance) - where the yoni represents the bringing of life and the coming of death - the power over life and death that women have. Men have never had any of that, either the demonisation or the ancient worship, which is why you don't see it the other way around.

    Sorry, will shut up again now. ;)

    I think we should all get making cushions now for Dawny's front room! :-D xx

  12. Blimey! I never knew a cushion could generate so much discussion :-)

    Dawny - at least now you know what to buy Stef for his birthday.. and father's day ... and xmas...and any other occassion where a gift ould be expected :-)

  13. Forgot to say that I passed on all your comments to Hermione about her felt. She was well chuffed. It sold in less than a day too.


  14. I love Hermione's felt creation and I think her shop is brilliant. Well done to her.

    Not so sure about the cushion. Until I read the comments I thought "no, it can't be!".

  15. But for some conception is very spiritual. It's not a case of *trying * to make something biological into something spiritual. For some people it just *is* spiritual - and I certainly don't consider that to be a shame.

    Although I have very strong spiritual views of my own I like to celebrate the diversity of spiritual and religious views within our wider community. However, this is only possible if judgement is left out of the equation. We all have the right to determine what is spiritual or sacred to ourselves.

  16. 'It's a shame people try to make a spirituality out of something so biological...' is what you said.


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