Tuesday, 10 February 2009

By George

she's got it.
Well, nearly.
I need a bit more practice, just to get the turning right, and I don't like changing colours cos you have all the ends to sew in, lol.
Inspired by Dawniy's pink and turquoise, and the happy hooker relocated thanks to K, here's my almost proper squares.
(I'll still exchange knitted ones, but maybe some crocheted as well if I can get them a bit better)


  1. hey up petal , look at you , you've got it by jove :-)

    I'll email you a link for carrying colours up rather than having to cut them off :-) it means not as much sewing :)

  2. They look great Eleanor! Lovely colours.

    Can I have that link too please Dawny?? :-)

  3. ooh yes you can , the girls had quite distracted me and I'd forgotten so thank you for reminding me , I'll post a few xx


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