Monday, 2 February 2009

Cardi at last

Well I know it's taken me ages and you lot have knitted and crocheted and sewed your way through many it is, the completed cardigan. Not photographed very well but Im a bit proud of it. Might even wear it tomorrow. To celebrate I have begun to knit a pair of gloves from a very old pattern of my late Granny's. I might have finished them by the summer but they will be ready in time for next winter!


  1. Your cardi looks great! Well done :-)
    And I don't think you were slow at all. It took me ages to knit a pair of handwarmers, lol. One day I might try something more complicated.

    The gloves pattern sounds interesting. Can't wait to see :-)

  2. Hey V that's great :-) a very nice job, be nice to see a picture of you modelling it ;-)
    I'm still on squares with knitting so I'm very impressed :)

  3. Love that V, I'm no where near knitting cardigans!! Love the colour too :0)


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