Wednesday, 25 February 2009

time for craft?

Something that has been occupying my thoughts of late is how do you make time for craft? I really enjoy (enjoyed) the craft I do but since the kids were born I seem to have less and less time to do it. They don't go to sleep very well so evenings are out and during the day other things (including the kids! LOL) clamour for my attention. Lately an impromptu crafting sesion has kind of happened at a friend of mine's house, where my older 2 (aged 7 and 10) do drama with their friends for an hour while the mums chat. I started taking my knitting, but unfortunately my littlest aged 4 just won't let me get on with it, demanding my attention so much that I have to put my knitting away with a sad sigh.

I know that if I want to start doing something the answer is just to start as I mean to go on, but there are so many demands on my time that I can't see how I can fit it in without my eternal friend 'guilt' peering over my shoulder and muttering in my ear about spending my time more productively. My ds runs a mile from anything remotely arty or crafty, my dd2 (7yr old) is showing some interest but needs a lot of input from me and my dd3 is a bit too little to do it independently, so I might get some craft going but not mine iyswim.

I'd rather not pay a life coach to help me sort this, so thought I'd come straight to the experts ie home ed mums who are already doing it.


  1. hey up my lovely friend :-) well when i started doing more naomi was only little but there are things even the littlest can do - put an orange net on and embroidery frame and give a collection of wool for weaving - works a treat and might spare a bit of hands free time for you to work alongside each other.
    peg rugging and scoobiea give some parallel wortking time too - i mean it maymean you only getting two rows done but hey :-) I've made it so that i just grab mine and do a row here a few stitches there and they do add up.
    Then at night I do it while we all sit and watch tv - usually ubtil way past their bedtime, we've just got used to them doing their thing and me doing mine alongside each other. If I ever act as if I want to do it just on my own then i don't stand a chance.
    It is easier now Naomi is 8 though.
    I'll post my pag rugginghooks up to you want to all have a go :)
    does that help?
    just to say aswell that the besttime i get is when the kids are asleep - and I am crap at getting them to sleep by a reasonable time so I endup burning the midnight oil.

  2. hello....well my projects are very small and the reason for that lack of time;0) like Dawniy I grab my project and its a row here, a stitch there....

  3. Hi!
    Like Dawny, I often end up working late at night, as that is the only time it's peaceful! I also pick up my crochet whenever I sit down to watch TV - it's an art, but I'm getting better at doing them both at once, lol.

    The boys have started joining in a bit, which helps, but they like to play with their lego, so I do my stuff then.

    The drama/craft afternoon sounds good, and I'm sure it will get better as everyone gets into a routine.
    Good luck :-)

  4. Thanks for all your replies ladies. It seems the answer lies in if you can't beat them, get them to join you eh?;-) Any more kid-friendly crafts? or maybe a blog post on it?


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