Tuesday, 10 February 2009


I made a pair of pj bottoms for Miles last week and he refused to wear them saying they were 'horrid'. Well, he eventually came round and has had them on ever since. I eventually got them off him this morning as they were scruffy, but he refused to put any other trousers on saying he will only wear trousers I have made.

So, I have run up this pair this morning but sadly we are back in the 'they're horrid' phase. Hopefully he'll learn to love these too :-) I think they're rather cute and took all of about half an hour to do from start to finish.
I think I could get into sewing clothes for the kids. Can anyone recommend where to get good basic patterns cheap?


  1. love those. :0)

  2. they're lovely Claire :-)

  3. I'd wear them! Is it a brushed cotton,I love it? Was thinking for sanpro. :)

    Here's a couple from my bookmarks for starters (they have links to tutorials all over the place)
    This one is for boys stuff:

    and this one for girls

    and this page

    Have more, will look them out.

  4. LOL what a great story, II'm sure he'll soon love these too, heck if I could shrink myself I'd wear them!Gorgeous.

  5. Oh these are lovely. I want some :-)

  6. Thanks for the links Eleanor. I've used one already and as soon as I've finished a hem I'll be blogging Miles' latest trousers - which happened to be Hermione's dress in a previous existence - and someone elses dress before I picked it up in a charity shop a couple of years ago!


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