Friday, 6 February 2009

Well I never

I was admiring Dawniy's squares, commented on them, and then idly glanced down the blogroll at the side. K's squares caught my eye, so I went off to look at them, and got sidetracked reading her blog, lovely tales. Then suddenly what did she mention but the Happy Hooker? I had completely forgotten I have this book. It was still in a packing case, since last June, but I have unearthed it now, and I might yet manage a crochet granny square. Or even a bikini.

Here are some more squares:

And some matchbooks - these are quite small, about 5 cms wide, but I've made bigger ones, with photos on the tags inside. I have a template if anyone fancies making one.


  1. WOW E' you are just sooooo very clever :-)
    your squares are luvverly :) your little match book thingys are a bit like your juice carton wallet aren't they? you'll have me making things out of paper at this rate, up to now we've only done cards.

  2. Just love those fluffy-looking squares!
    That crocheted bikini in 'Happy Hooker' really made me laugh - don't think I'll bother as I have a feeling it wouldn't do me any favours :-/
    The matchbooks are great, I'd love to see the template if you get a chance to post it.
    Thanks for your kind comment about my blog :-)

  3. love your matchbooks! I linked to this post in my blog carnival - hope you'll take a look!

  4. Those books are amazing. I think paper crafts are way beoynd me - they require so much precision. Having said that I may be getting into it soon as a wonderful friend has got Hermione a Sizzix machine for her birthday later this month :-) Looking forward to using it :-)


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