Tuesday, 31 March 2009

new template

Talking about changing the template on here would you like to change to this one?

Friday, 27 March 2009

Crochet along granny squares

Lionbrand crochet along blog - worth a look they're doing a jacket crochet along and blogging it.

How are you granny squares people going on ? Mine have been sat in envelopes for over a week now waiting for me to remember to stick them in the post. I am just far to dilitery (sp) but it's on my 'do it now' list..

Now i've finished them Connor has treated me to a new book and I've found loads of other things I could have made instead - always the way isn't it :) the book is a dream of ideas
201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Patterns and Ideas Debi told me about it and i'm thrilled with it.

Thursday, 26 March 2009

Jumpers for trees

I'm a bit slack on the craft front at the moment. Life's just so hectic right now.

Anyway, when I do get my jaxi back in gear I may just knit one of these for my favourite tree.

Or may be not.

Wednesday, 25 March 2009


found this blog lots of clip art might be useful for cards/collage.


Here's my offering on Amanda's theme of SPRING.

(I know butterflies come a bit later, but up here waiting for spring is taking forever, let alone summer butterflies, so artistic licence employed)

I saw this type of kinetic card in a magazine, so here's my step by step:

My finished card

Start with a card base, mine is usually 15cm x 30cm, folded in half. Glue on a square of pretty paper slightly smaller all round.

Glue some co-ordinated paper onto thin card and cut out a ring about 10 cms in diam, about 1 cm wide, and a circle about 6 cm in diam.

Turn these over and attach double sided foam strips around the outer edge of the ring and in the centre of the circle. I get my sticky pads from the pound shop. Leave a space on the inner edge of the ring and outer edge of the circle.

Peel off the backing and place ring on card.

Stick 2 small sticky pads on a penny, one on top of the other, and place it pads up resting just inside the ring.

Peel off the backing and stick the circle in the centre, trapping the penny but allowing it to move freely.

Cut out 2 butterflies, or birds, or anything really, and attach them together with a sticky pad so that they look dimensional, I just put a thin strip of sticky pad down the body of the butterfly so that the top wings were free. Add a small circle of card on the back, which will cover the penny.

Peel the backing off the pads on the penny, press your creature firmly in place and move him gently around the ring. Here's another one I made, adding a stamped sentiment and some gems.

Or writing a message with a fineliner:

Which is revealed when he is moved along:

Or just write on the card somewhere:

Have a go - the children will think up great ideas for creatures/vehicles/sentiments, I'm sure.

More knitting

I've not posted for a while I've been really busy knitting.

Sorry the first picture isn't that good, it's quite a dark green coloured wool.

The green jumper and the aran fleck jumper were for my son for his birthday and the cable jumper is for my step-dad to be for his birthday. I also knitted him a cream one as a present for my Mum, I had quite a tight deadline, so the computer has been neglected for knitting these past couple of weeks!

The only picture I have of the cream one is of him wearing it.
On another note, the children and I have joined our local churches Knit and Natter group, we went last Monday, it wasn't a resounding success, I'm hoping that they will get to know us better and accept us if we keep going. They weren't rude to us but some of them didn't speak to us at all, which is noticable when there's only 10 people sitting round a table!
Anyway, the children are knitting strips , 33 stitches on 4 mm needles and we can do squares of colours about 6 inches long until the strip is 48 inches long. They are then sewn by a lady who makes them into blankets. We're not sure where they're going yet or what else they do, it was hard enough getting that information out of them! I'll post pictures as they are completed.
Our library has closed down and a new one is being built with lots of extra rooms in it, it's going to take about a year to complete but I've been thinking of starting a Knit and Natter for home-ed children, I spoke today to another HE-er and she thought it was a good idea and said she would come. Can anyone see any pitfalls in that idea? Any comments very welcome as I do tend to look at things through rose coloured glasses sometimes!!

knitted quilt

For ages it seems I sit knitting whenever I get a minute, now having a fair pile of squares I've started fastening them together using crochet. I've used a hook to fasten them so that the seams are flexible and springy. Up to now there are 24 squares fastened together and my bed is super king size so I have a fair way to go yet lol

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Crochet shrug/cardigan

I want you to see this pic and free pattern for a lacey cardigan , I'd like to post the picture but i know i shouldn't so here's the link http://www.crochet-world.com/newsletters/talkingcrochet/pages/TCNL1609_patt1.html , maybe if one of us make it we'll get a pic :-) xx

And the theme for April is.....

being very obvious here - SPRING!!!!!!

Monday, 23 March 2009


is it just me? Anyway I've noticed recently a lot of crafty type blogs where a challenge is set... I know we have the current crafty challenge/swop but I was wondering what if we have a theme each month it does'nt have to be a swop and its not obligatory, just thinking out loud again!!!

Sunday, 22 March 2009


I have been busy with my crochet hook, and am quite pleased with these. They were really simple to make (they'd have to be for me to succeed!), both from the Happy_Hooker book.

The green one is for me

The purple flower one is my mother's day gift for my Mum

Thursday, 19 March 2009

hello folks

it looks like in trying to put the old template back i've broken comments - i'll get it back to normal asap - has anyone any idea how i might have broken them ?? you've all got full admin if you want to have a go.

and ruth darling it is really ok xx, It's just like me to have made the same mistake my self anyway xx

It Was Me:(

I am really sorry but I think it as me who changed the template by accident. I have changed them on my other blogs and think I must have done it to this one by mistake. Sorry Dawniy and everyone. I cannot put this on the comments cos I cannot get them to come up for some reason.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

template changes

I came onto the blog and it had been changed to minima white - not sure how , I kept waiting for it to catch up with itself but it didn't so I had to install the template again. I managed to change it and keep the widgets in, which was a bit of a learning curve for me but it's ok now I think.
If you find anything missing in the sidebar or if you'd like to suggest any template colour or font changes or any changes at all just yell up :)
there's also plenty of room that isn't being used in the lower bars, any ideas for what to put in them just feel free let me know or even better pop it in there yourself.
If anyone prefers minima i might be persuaded lol , goodness knows how that happened, the template isn't just a cutest blog widget one , it's a css template, which means we can add more sidebars and stuff if we decide we want them.
thanks xx

New member?

He may not be a home educator but he's certainly very dedicated to his crocheting.

Monday, 16 March 2009

How cool is this?

Can you see the pattern emerging from the ball of multicolour wool. It's like magic !! Im wondering how the sleeves will look and what will happen when I need to join a new ball. Also how it will match up when I sew up the sides to the front. Will the slightly stripey effect be out of line?

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Thinking out loud...

I know afew of us on here are also interested in gardening/growing our own produce... just wondered if anyone would be interested in contributing to blog - very much like this one, a no presure blog, just a joint place to share ideas.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Exploring Creativity

If you homeschool, please stick with me on this post..it is not just knitting related :)

I recently listened to a really inspiring knitting podcast by Kelley Petkun. In the podcast, Kelley talks about compiling an inspiration book. An inspiration book! That is just my thing!
My 'knitterly' goals are Lace & Fair Isle, so I began to compile my own inspiration book.
To give you an idea, so far I have included:

Lace & Fair Isle charts found on-line
Photographs from nature
magazine clippings
scraps of wrapping paper & ribbon
anything that speaks to me of colour & texture & beauty.

For example, the following photo has really inspired me to want to knit a pair of striped socks in shades of orange & grey:

The main point for me to remember, when collecting things for my book is the following:
This is my book, designated just for me to keep all the things that I find to be inspiring..


As I have been putting together my Inspiration book, I came across this wonderful post all about keeping a Knitting Notebook.
Now, I already keep a knitting journal, in which I make notes about patterns, items I would like to knit & I also keep photos of projects I have completed, modeled by the owner of the garment,plus notes on the prayers that I prayed for the recipients, as I knit those items.
Something about this format really resonated with me, though. The graph paper, the simplicity, just the whole little package. I dug out some mountboard we had & three book rings. My graph paper I downloaded here. I tore out the pages from my old knitting journal & added them to the new notebook & I love it! I feel much more free with it - free to make mistakes, free to be imperfect. Perfectionism kills creativity dead faster than anything else I know!

Are any homeschoolers still with me? I'm nearly there ;)

This week I picked up Inspired to Knit by Michele Rose Orne

This is a fabulous book! This is worth hunting down in the library, even if you do not knit, just for the authors handling of the creative process.
She has 'workshops' tucked in throughout the knitting patterns that are so inspiring & I plan to follow them with the girls.
We began today with the first workshop: Finding inspiration.
Michele begins:
"Every design begins with a spark of inspiration. For me, inspiration can come from just about anywhere. You too can find inspiration in your everyday surroundings. All you have to do is train your eye to look closely at the world around you & to think in terms of individual design elements. You'll soon find ideas everywhere you look."

This workshop deals with sparking creativity & the putting together of a 'mood board'

Michele says:
'For this workshop, you'll create your own mood board. It has nothing to do with knitting in particular, but playing with a handful of things to reveal a common theme is a fun & easy way to excercise your creativity'

And so we come around to homeschooling...I intend to follow the workshops in this book with my girls. I intend to use the excerices to help me create a knitted item. What my girls will create - who knows!

We began this morning- browsing through past issues of Country Living. we ripped out images that we liked & I was surprised at how the girls grasped the idea that we were looking for colours, textures, any beautiful images that appealed to us. Our ripped pages are stored away in our own folders...we will be collecting nature finds & going through my collections of fabrics, ribbons & buttons, before making up our own mood boards.
I am very excited about this project...who knows what we can create?

Here is a great interview on Lori's blog with Amanda Soule about her own mood board. Be inspired!

Thursday, 12 March 2009

self patterning wool

this is my new project. Am using Sirdar Crofter DK Hound dog self patterning wool. Its lovely and soft. Its supposed to give a fairisle effect without the hard work. Not sure how long its going to take, but Im looking forward to getting it done. My local material shop has started stocking those big funky buttons so will have to go and have a browse there to chose something.


Tuesday, 10 March 2009

lion brand crochet along

Lion Brand are having a crochet along blog with a free jacket pattern , I thought some of you might be interested.


Saturday, 7 March 2009

Here's my "Bunny Surprises"

It's taken me way too long to finish her. I think I started in January after posted on my blog this drawing I did one wintery afteroon ...

Bunny Surprises

and decided I'd make a "Bunny Surprises" out of a unwanted cardigan and some fluffy wool! The little apron should really be a little larger, but it certainly could hold a couple of tiny Easter eggs.


Elaine Photobucket

Friday, 6 March 2009

little things

Not really made much lately, I made these little bags (which need a cord or ribbon) - So I can keep my earings and necklaces together, not that I have much jewellery!!

Thursday, 5 March 2009

The Grim Reaper............or

....................what you can make out of a spare black duvet cover

Unfortunately you cant see the top of the scythe but Marcus made it out of cardboard. He also made a business card and a scroll with a list of his next victims. We already had a skeleton mask made out of cardboard left over from Halloween.


hello ladies I could do with some advice... I'm thinking about buying a sewing machine everything I do atm is hand stitched but as I want to make cushion covers, curtains things for the home I really think a sewing would be a useful investment. Not sure where to start so any advice welcome :0)

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Hermione's Spring Collection

Am I allowed a blatant Mummy Boast Post?

Hermione has launched her online Spring Collection and I think it's lovely - but then I would :-)

Above are just some of her new lines. If you get a chance please pop along and have a look. Remember everything is just £1 and encouraging comments as well as custom are very much appreciated.
Thank you for indulging me *grin*.

Crochet Challenge

People who have joined in with the crochet thingy up to now are
Bridget, Claire, Debi, Eden, Eleanor, Kara, Patricia, Sam, Dawny, Hippy Mama, Lesley and latest is Ruth - welcome to a crafty blog Ruth :-)

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Springtime Crochet Bag

Well, here is my first attempt at crocheting anything more complicate than a scarf. It's not from a pattern, I made it up, as if you can't tell, lol! It's all double crochet, except for two rows of treble crochet at the edge of the flap, and the two flowers. You can just about see the little orange flower in the picture - it hasn't come out very well.

It's just two panels of double crochet, one longer than the other so it can fold over to make a flap, and a long strip of double crochet for the gusset/strap. I crocheted the seams together, another first for me, and found that worked really well, and was much more enjoyable than sewing. I hate sewing! ;) The big brown button is off an old cardigan, and there is just a crocheted chain that loops around it to fasten it. I didn't sew the chain to the flap, just knotted it through one of the crochet loops and tied it in a bow, as you can see.

The whole thing is a bit wonky, unfortunately. I think it's something to do with the different yarn used for the gusset and the panels. The panels are lovely smooth new yarn, and the gusset/strap is reclaimed jumper yarn that is quite course in comparison - anyway, something happened when I was crocheting all the seams together that meant the panels didn't quite fit how I thought they would - I had problems getting the corners to match up properly. I think if I'd used all the same kind of yarn it would have worked better, but anyway.


Hi ladies,
Marcus has to wear a book character costumne on Thursday for World Book Day. He has chosen Death from the Terry Pratchett Colour of Money. Now how to make the costume?.... We've been up the woods and got a nice big stick to make a scythe. I have an old black duvet cover which we can use for material. Im thinking of making a tunic which ends mid calf length (rectangle shape with a head hole) and then making long drapey arms and sewing them on and then sewing on a big drapey hood. Not sure yet if Im going to have enough material. He is 5'5". Does anyone have any other ideas about how to make a costume that will not mean hours and hours of work?!!