Thursday, 5 March 2009


hello ladies I could do with some advice... I'm thinking about buying a sewing machine everything I do atm is hand stitched but as I want to make cushion covers, curtains things for the home I really think a sewing would be a useful investment. Not sure where to start so any advice welcome :0)


  1. Hi hippymama
    As you may know, I recently replaced my nearly 30 yr old machine (and even then, it had been my auntie's before mine) and I went with one which has less stitches than my old one, but stitches I know I will use, such as straight, zigzag, buttonhole, zipper, blind hem and overcasting.
    It is not computerised, so one less thing to go wrong, and seems to be very responsive - my old one frequently ran away with me. I enjoy hand embroidery so didn't want one that embroidered, and have not yet managed to make a quilt, so didn't go for the wide table optional extra.
    Depending on your budget, there are some very basic models out there which are perectly adequate, but don't buy a mini one, they only do a straightish stitch and that not very well.
    It seemed to me that there was a fair few to choose from, from 75ish up to the £200 mark,but after that, it was many hundreds and then thousands. I went for one which came with a fair few goodies such as 20 reels thread, scissors, and a snowboarding carrybag lol, it was 199, and it is sewing like a dream so far. From Bedford sewing and knitting who are on ebay, but have a shop.
    Hope that helps,

  2. My machine was very cheap and cheerful bought at least 15 years ago. The problem I have with it is that it will sew fine and then all of a sudden the bottom thread will start looping up and generally getting in a tangle. I dont know why it does this. If it did this all the time it might be easier to solve? I have tried adjusting the tension etc but cant seem to stop it doing it. Does anyone have any ideas - is it in need of a service or is it just a problem with cheaper machines. I bought my elder daughter one on eBay as an electric sewing machine attached to a sewing table for £26!! Its great, does all she wants it too and she can use it as a piece of furniture when its not in use......essential for a uni student!

  3. My mum bought H one for Christnas from Argos. It's basic but does have a choice of a few stitches. It sews fine and was just about £40. Fine for cushion covers and stuff I'd say.


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