Sunday, 1 March 2009


Hi ladies,
Marcus has to wear a book character costumne on Thursday for World Book Day. He has chosen Death from the Terry Pratchett Colour of Money. Now how to make the costume?.... We've been up the woods and got a nice big stick to make a scythe. I have an old black duvet cover which we can use for material. Im thinking of making a tunic which ends mid calf length (rectangle shape with a head hole) and then making long drapey arms and sewing them on and then sewing on a big drapey hood. Not sure yet if Im going to have enough material. He is 5'5". Does anyone have any other ideas about how to make a costume that will not mean hours and hours of work?!!


  1. v, I would'nt know where to start on this -even though I used to love T.P books :0)

    good luck

  2. V - sound like you have a plan :-) Could you perhaps cut out a t-shape tunic, so then you would just have one seam on each side (hem to cuff). Would that work? I don't know, I'm no sewer.
    I'd love to see the photos when you're done :-)


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