Friday, 27 March 2009

Crochet along granny squares

Lionbrand crochet along blog - worth a look they're doing a jacket crochet along and blogging it.

How are you granny squares people going on ? Mine have been sat in envelopes for over a week now waiting for me to remember to stick them in the post. I am just far to dilitery (sp) but it's on my 'do it now' list..

Now i've finished them Connor has treated me to a new book and I've found loads of other things I could have made instead - always the way isn't it :) the book is a dream of ideas
201 Crochet Motifs, Blocks, Patterns and Ideas Debi told me about it and i'm thrilled with it.


  1. I haven't started yet due to the rabbit being ill and other stuff. I must get my rear into gear:) Hopefully next week. Love the book.

  2. Mine are ready to be packaged and posted, but I'm in the middle of moving house just now, so it probably wont happen this week!
    I'll change my address on the list, but post will be redirected for a while so it doesn't matter if squares are posted to the old one.
    I got that book out of the library - its fab!
    Kara x

  3. oooh I hope the moving goes well for you :-) how lovely.
    Yes it is a good book isn't it.


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