Thursday, 19 March 2009

hello folks

it looks like in trying to put the old template back i've broken comments - i'll get it back to normal asap - has anyone any idea how i might have broken them ?? you've all got full admin if you want to have a go.

and ruth darling it is really ok xx, It's just like me to have made the same mistake my self anyway xx


  1. YAYAYAYAYAY it does - blinkin heck I'd nearly given up lol
    anyway we can talk again now x

  2. I have been watching anxiously. I had a look but I am hopeless at templates html. Thanks DAwniy

  3. LOL hadn't even noticed, story of my life, stuff goes on and I miss it.
    I might change it to a diff colour tho, find it hard to real pale on dark, I'm older than you girls, and bits of me are broken.

  4. you're welcome Ruth :-)
    shall we talk colours then Eleanor? has anyone got colour requests - I put the background dark to make the phtotos show up - we could do pale and do a photo surround in black . . . .?


Lovely to hear from you :)